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How do I know that my homeopathic doctor is treating my illness accurately?
Homeopathic treatment will help you observe improvement in the symptoms of your disease. This is probably the best indication that your doctor is following the right course of treatment. There are also medical evaluation tests like blood tests, X-rays, etc., which will help you evaluate the success of treatment provided.
Is homeopathy slow in action?
Several types of diseases, chronic or acute, can be treated effectively with homeopathy. Unfortunately, people tend to go to a homeopath only when the acute problem becomes chronic, that is, it becomes more severe and difficult to treat. They choose homeopathy when other systems of medicine fail to treat or completely cure their medical condition, most often in cases like arthritis, asthma, rare skin conditions, etc. These cases naturally take longer to treat, even with any other system of medicine. For acute ailments like fever, diarrhoea, acute cold, cough, etc., homeopathic remedies act as fast as conventional medicines, sometimes even faster. In certain cases, these remedies produce results even quicker than other forms of therapy.
How many days of homeopathic medicine can I stock if I am travelling?
Homeopathic medicines can be stocked safely for 8 months to 1 year. However, ensure that you keep the medicine away from extreme temperatures, kitchen heat or electronic devices. The medicines should also be free from moisture. At Dr Batra’s™, you get the advantage of our presence in multiple cities in India and abroad. If you forget to carry your medicine while travelling, you can collect it from any of our clinics across India. As all our medical records are saved digitally, you do not have to carry your reports to see our doctors across our clinics in India and other countries.
Can I use perfumes and deodorants while I am on homeopathic treatment?
Perfumes and deodorants, except those with extremely strong odours, will not interfere with your treatment. Anti-perspirants, while not detrimental to homeopathic remedies, are nonetheless unhealthy because they suppress the normal physiological response of your body. However, it is recommended that you take advice from your homeopathic doctor before using any perfume or deodorant.
Do homeopathic medicines increase symptoms initially?
With the right homeopathic remedy, symptoms might rarely get aggravated before the patient is cured. However, during the healing process, the strengthening of the body’s defence mechanism may sometimes cause the symptoms to worsen temporarily. This is a good sign that indicates the homeopathic medicine is working appropriately. Usually, such symptoms last only for a few hours to a few days, except for chronic cases where symptoms might last a bit longer.
Furthermore, most patients opt for homeopathic treatment only when other treatment methods like allopathy fail to provide relief. Allopathy believes in suppressing symptoms. Therefore, some cases might see an aggravation of symptoms as a result of past suppressive treatments that have pushed the disease into a deeper layer of the body.
For how long does one need to take homeopathic medicine?
You might see an improvement in your condition within a few weeks of starting homeopathic treatment; on the other hand, it might even take a few years to see positive results. The duration of homeopathic treatment depends a lot on factors like the duration of your illness, progress of the disorder and earlier treatments you may have taken for the same. For example, if you are suffering from arthritis since 8-10 years, you might have to take homeopathic medicines for at least 2-3 years to see an improvement in your condition. This does not mean you can stop your treatment. You might have to continue with homeopathic medicines for some more time to get completely cured.
How does homeopathy work?
Can I combine homeopathy with allopathic treatment?
All homeopathic medicines look the same. How can the same homeopathic pill cure a variety of ailments?
How do I know that my homeopathic doctor is treating my illness accurately?
Do homeopathic medicines have side-effects?
Do homeopathic doctors have a proper medical training background? Can they understand and diagnose complains correctly, just as a general physician would?
Do homeopathic medicines have steroids?
Do homeopathic pills treat chronic illnesses? I have been suffering from arthritis for a long time, with pain in multiple joints. My doctor has given me the strongest medicine available, but I still don’t see any long-term relief.
How can I find the right homeopathic doctor for my treatment?
Is homeopathy slow in action?
For how long does one need to take homeopathic medicine?
Can my illness come back after stopping homeopathic treatment?
Can homeopathy treat all types of illnesses?
Does homeopathic treatment involve a lot of restrictions on food?
Does homeopathy believe in surgery?
Is it safe to take homeopathic medicines during pregnancy?
Do homeopathic medicines increase symptoms initially?
Does homeopathic treatment need a diagnosis and blood tests or X-rays like conventional treatment?
Why don’t homeopathic doctors disclose the name of the medicines they hand out?
Why does a homeopath ask so many questions? How many details will I need to give to a homeopathic doctor before starting my treatment?
Is it safe to take homeopathic medicine while breast feeding?
Can I change my homeopathic doctor any time I want?
How does homeopathy work?
The philosophy of homeopathy tells us that the symptoms of a disease are the guideposts to let us know if there is something wrong deep within and in need of correction. It focuses on the whole person rather than just treating symptoms or ‘disease labels’. Homeopathy aims to treat the root cause of a problem, not just mask the symptoms.
Homeopathy is based on the principle of ‘like cures like’. It treats illness or disease by the administration of minute doses of a remedy that would produce symptoms similar to those of the disease in healthy people. For example, when you chop onions, you have watery eyes and a runny nose, and you may also sneeze or cough. All of it happens due to exposure to the tuber’s active substances. The homeopathic remedy, Allium Cepa, made from red onion, can help you overcome a cold or allergy attack in which you may have similar symptoms – watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, coughing or throat irritation.
Homeopathic medicine works by stimulating the body’s own curative powers. It strengthens the immune system. Once the immune system is strong and starts functioning effectively, many ailments get cured naturally.
How often do I need to visit the homeopathic doctor during treatment?
For acute problems, you might have to visit your homeopathic doctor only once, as most acute illnesses get cured within a few days and with a few doses of medicine. However, for chronic problems, you might have to visit your homeopath more often. After the first consultation and diagnosis, our doctor will recommend a personalised treatment plan and ask you to return for a follow-up visit every month. This will last until your ailment gets completely cured.
Is it safe to take homeopathic medicine while breast feeding?
Homeopathic medicines are natural and do not cause toxic side-effects. They are safe for both the mother and the baby. Hence, homeopathic medicines can be safely taken by the mother while she is breast feeding.
Can my illness come back after stopping homeopathic treatment?
he recurrence of your illness depends on several factors. You have to take medicines as advised by your homeopathic doctor for the recommended duration. If you stop the treatment midway because you see an improvement in your symptoms, there are high chances that your illness might recur. Your homeopath knows exactly how long you need to continue treatment for complete recovery. So, to avoid recurrence, take the suggested dose of homeopathic remedy for the duration recommended by your homeopath. There might also be certain post-treatment, self-help care tips that your homeopath might suggest. To avoid the recurrence of your illness, follow the post-treatment tips suggested by your homeopath.

Ever since the Homeopathy came into effect 200 years ago, it has won admiration greatly for the treatment of everyone including children, women and men because of a host of reasons.

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